Sunday, March 14


spotted these killer jeans on the gap website (is it just me or does that store keep getting better and better.. i mean a stella mccartney collaboration? they know where its AT)
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and decided that instead of paying $70; i'd make my own with some denim sitting in my closet..
at first, i ripped the pockets off these seven jeans because i didn't want a logo on them. they ended up turning out really nice as the color change from the pockets "matched" the patches on the front.

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heres the first patch i added-

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all i did was just cut out the rectangles from other pairs of jeans that i had destroyed a while ago and sewed them on in random places.

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and did i mention Alice in Wonderland was absolutely amazing? not to mention the makeup in itself was to DIE for. you HAVE to see it- especially in 3-D. the visual effects definitelyyy made the movie



Star-Light said...

Great Outfit!

Clare said...

I'd have never guessed they were Gap, they are getting so good recently!

Great DIY versions :)



buenooo said...

ohhh thanks^^
U`ve amazing hair! :) I`d like to have such hair! :)
and I like Ur style! :)


Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper) said...

the different colors make it... I think a color other then a shade of blue would have even did more for it... sort of placed on top overlapping part of the other one...


...Iww... said...

Nice jeans I think I'll try it to :D
Oh and Alice was great! but I don't like how it ends :P

Velvet Rose said...

thanks for the comment, very nice blog =)

Amy said...

Love them! You did such a wonderful job...must do this to a pair of my jeans!!!


Tashie said...

I really like your patchy jeans :) Very nice and the whole outfit is very cool and chic. xxx

Black Widow said...

love the outfit!

kerosene and lux said...

cute jeans good idea. and ummm do you have zebra rug/carpet???? hahah i love it

t said...

Cool DIY! Good job. :)

Le 21ème said...

Love it, Alanna! Super cute!


LyddieGal said...

Love your jeans - DIY kicks $70 in the but!

Though I have been shopping at the Gap almost in excess lately, I can rarely go in there and leave empty handed!

Chic on the Cheap

donna said...

Hey, Hon! Great DIY idea! I love it! I think I'll make a pair of my own. Thanks for the idea.

And thanks for dropping by my blog. Really appreciate your comment. Wanna exchange links? =)


Chiara said...

Hi, thanks for your comment!

I think DIY is better than paying a lot a thing you can made with something you already have!
Great work!


Love Alice so much!!!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Love your DIY and love your crochet shawl/poncho- super cute! Hope you can make it to my slumber party! xo, mel

Monika P. said...

great. Such a beautiful interpretation of Chloe jeans from s/s 2010 Fashion show!

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Emilie said...

AWESOME jeans!
I watched Alice in Wonderland last weekend, I loved it!

6roove said...

lovely, interesting and inspiring!

hugs :)
Watching the waves

Katy Mary said...

Love the Gap jeans, their jeans really are getting better and better! I love your version, they came out great!

daisychain said...

WOw they are great. GAP over here doesn't seem as good, at least not in store

Tuxy said...

HI¡¡¡ thakns for your comment?

you blog is AMAZING. and this jeans too. 8)



sunaina said...

Cool jeans. Gonna see Alice in wonderland this saturday cant wait!

LA said...

Greay hippie jeans! ;)

THanks for passing way sweetie!


elledee said...

very cute! and I love how you styled them

F i K a said...

I'm thinking to make my own patchwork jeans!! you look great with it :)

anw,I've watched Alice last week...but dunno why I just think the movie was okay and not that good..maybe it's because I'm expected too much on it..haha

Glam Girl said...

Nice jeans! I like your style! U have a great blog!

Diane said...

Hy, thanks for visiting my blog! I also loved Alice in Wonderland! And I love your DIY project here, turned out great!


Kim said...

Great job !

tywo said...

I love it!

mlle.amandine said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog! This DIY is really nice!
About Alice, I love the story and can't wait for the movie that will be in cinema only on 24th march in France!
You can see my version of the queen of heart by here


Lea's Suitcase said...

Americana all the WAY! Love your DIY...always.