Monday, August 9

coconut, avocado, mangos.. we're dreaming of the tropics babyy

something about these shoes breaks my heart. they're so absolutely white and so innocent and perfect.. which seems to always make me hesitant to grab them. dirtying them would be such a sin, and i love them too much.. i think its a bad sign that im becoming hesitant to wear my shoes.. i mean, they are for wearing but they also look SO good all clean and white on their shelf.. ahh, internal struggles..

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(21 shirt and skirt, BB purse, borrowed scarf worn as wrap, ph x gap platforms)

went to grab some drinks and a bite to eat at bonefish the other night with some friends. wish i had snapped a few pictures of the food- to DIE for. i got the crabcakes on an avocado salad, and the girls had the mango salsa tilapia, and coconut crusted shrimp. and you absolutely HAVE to try the ceviche as an appetizer if you go.. amazingggg. good ceviche is so hard to find in the states. i remember when i was in panama and the gas station had the most amazing ceviche for like a dollar. pretty sure if you bought ceviche at a gas station in georgia, you'd be dead of food poisoning within 24 hours..



Fabiola "Fab" said...

ooh i want your shoes! beautiful outfit!

Sherin said...

I'm the same with my shoes. I don't wear my favourites that often as I want to keep them clean. YOu look lovely: I love your skirt.

Pennerad said...

love those shoes. which is exactly why i couldn't buy the white ones. i knew i'd step in grass or poo or some indescribable puddle and ruin them and i'd be so so so sad, lol.

Sonsira said...

LOL ya, internal struggles are the worst:) LOVE your shoes though! Wear them!!!

Fashion-rocks said...

Love your style, that hip scarf is lovely.

Fashion is me said...

i love this look , very chic :)