Tuesday, May 26

it was the shoes..

today is the day for change.

thanks to my michael kors boots for the inspiration. which i unwillingly sacrificed today to put into storage for the hot weather looming near.

BEFORE (somewhat brown.. mostly ugly)

AFTER.. and totally blackkk

...&how to fashionably hide the hair-dying while in progress when going in public

it was quite an interesting day.. i gained some inspiration from the new grungy look that has apparently overcome the 2009 runway. speaking of.. heres an exerpt i had to write from my FIRST college essay!-

When most hear this, they think cheaper and of lesser quality. But in actuality, those top name brands that garnish the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue haven’t lessened their price tag- or their value because of the economy. What I’m talking about, is how the styles have changed. How from 2008 to 2009, the style of dress has gone from prim and proper to greasy and grungy. Especially, the runway. As Fashion week opened across the globe in April this year, some with VIP tickets regretted their purchase as they spotted Chanel Iman sporting a leather jacket, and not a peacoat. The Topshop opening was no different. Kate Moss launched a line that yes, has some nice, classy skirts and trouser pants, but outlines a style more on the side we thought she’d strayed from. It shows a side of Kate that we all know as familiar, back in the days when she splayed the covers of numerous tabloids for scandal after scandal. The line isn’t made affordable to more, it simply illustrates a look that SEEMS more affordable. However you look at it, it comes down to this. The rich on Park Avenue haven’t sacrificed labels with wage cuts, they’ve simply switched their favorite pair of peacock feather adorned Manolo’s to a pair of Marc Jacobs Motorcycle Boots.


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