Friday, May 29

"we are the combined effort of everyone we have ever known."

isn't it absolutely FABULOUS?! i cant wait until it comes into my room. im totally attached to this icon. i mean, marilyn monroe? shes a GOD.
nobody even appreciates this in the living room. ugh. please help me convince my mom to let me move it! totally fits better with my decor than in this room..

chanel iman. from girl.. to gorgeous.

jessica stam at the karl lagerfield show.
mk&a. grunge GENIUSes
alexander wang. (who deserves great respect for having started with absolutelty nothing, yet devoting everything to do what he loves)

so, a tribute to those that continue to inspire me. and a thank you. for sheer genius, creativity, and perserverance. now, for us fashionistas attempting to climb up the creativity ladder, never give up. dreams often become reality

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