Thursday, June 4

let me just begin with saying. summer is FINALLYY here! and i, myself am wicked excited!
so, i've put it upon myself to keep you guys updated on everything you need to survive WHEREVER you are!

GEOMETRIC PATTERNS & SHAPES. like this crazy-cool top i picked up yesterday that wraps in the back. its ideal for small bust, but seriously. geometry works on ANYBODY (theres SO many ways to wear it)

scarf look # 1 modeled by.. my mom! (forever 21 top, vintage scarf)

SCARVES worn as wraps. total pool attire (and i even went to the store in it!) and totally the best (kept) secret EVER. even though im letting you guys in on it. everyones going to rave, and all you need is to just smile and say thank you. NEVER, NEVER reaveal your secrets (OR sources)!

scarf look #2 (forever 21 dress, h&m pearls, wetseal scarf, charlotte russe shoes) scarf look # 3 (hollister shirt, my mom's scarf from i dont know where..)

CROAKIES. (or whatever brand you may desiree!)- they're these fabulous sunglass holders (rope things) so you can wear them around your neck, or on your head and they wont fall off, or on your car mirror.. simply fabulous!

*TIP: soak all your bathing suits in diluted white distilled vinegar.. and they won't fade in the sun! so you'll have vibrant, beatiful bathing suits from summer to summer.
TIP: brew a superstrong batch of black tea, and let it cool. then soak a washcloth in the tea and place it under each armpit for 5 minutes. if you do this nightly for 2 weeks, the tannic acid in the tea will permanently reduce your sweat production- so you'll smell yummyy all the time!
TIP: steep 3 bags of black tea in 2 cups of hot water until it cools and pour the tea over your hair. let it soak for 10 minutes, and then rinse your hair. this will keep your hair from fading during the summer


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