Friday, June 12

day THREE.

this is a dress that i threw a high wasted skirt on top of.. since its not always so easy to find a cute shirt (have to mix it up a bit!) and it totally worked. i wore it with some matching heels and viola.. business casual.

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(fortson's dress underneath skirt, charlotte russe high waisted skirt, anne klein heels, forever 21 bracelet, handcrafted local hoops)

day three (obviously) for everybody! hope you guys are enjoying these outfits and being inspired to dress for success! if anyones interested, teen vogue online is hosting a few contests and such for all you fashionistas (includes essay contests to win a trip to new york, snapshot contests for a chance to be in the magazine... maybe even a blog contest (?) I HOPE! so make sure to check out all the opportunities you guys have in this amazing world of fashion (even though we live in America- don't dwell on that fact too long) haha. i don't have much to say today. sorry im rushing off so fast, i need to pack! hope everyones making successful use of their networking skills- good luck!


Anonymous said...

did you get that at charlotte russe recently? if not...i'm heading to the mall immediately tomorrow! :D

alanna said...

yeahh! about a month ago- go get it girl!