Thursday, June 18

high waisted jeans

so, after flipping through the clearance rack and finding (YAY!) a pair of high waisted jeans.. FINALLY; my mother proceeded to tell me that they were a) horrible b)make me look fat and c)i would never wear this outrageous trend. little did she know. they were a STEAL and i wore them within a week. so this is how it goes- did i or did i not pull them off? negative feedback totally accepted. and honest feedback, because we have a bet on this. i did get compliments, so im feeling pretty confident about them. anyways, let me know your opinions guys.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(gap flats, forever 21 jeans, nameless tanktop, DIY necklace, pictured below: tory burch purse)



Anonymous said...

uh, yeah you did. of course! I wish I had your body. My pooch would...well, pooch out! :) I'm pretty sure you could pull off ANYTHING. even....even....uh...PARACHUTE PANTS! hahaha

alanna said...

hah. well thanks girl, i try! im sure you look fabulous too!
don't post anonymously, i want to see your blog too!