Wednesday, June 10

day ONE.

i think this is probabaly going to be my favorite outfit of the five because while its totally professional, its also a lot of my kind of style with the bigg, busy necklace and the off the shoulder shirt (a trend i cant get enough of). i wore it with a high waisted skirt (like every other outfit.. haha) to make it more sleek and looking like a (dress kindof thing). and i wore it with these GORGEOUS clunky pumps that are leather that i bought on a bargain (FABULOUS!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(american apparel dress, forever 21 skirt, nine west heels, wetseal belt)

hey guys! sorry i haven't posted in a while. im doing an internship at UGA and i haven't had wifi... lame. but anyways, i just wanted to make sure that i hit on all areas of the fashion spectrum so all of you guys can be successful business women doing whatever you're doing.
1.)so, for the next five days im going to showcase outfits that are both classy AND professional.
2.)i just wanted to get you guys onto thrillist. seriously, it's the most informative entertainment site on the web. its based out of refunery29 which advertises the site. thrillist is something you sign up for on an e-mail list and it sends you e-mails whenever you want (daily, weekly, and monthly) for any major city in the United States so YOU can get in on all of the hot new stuff (food, parties, concerts, fashion...)
3.)also, today we visited fuzebox/studioplex studios in the ATL to see into the entertainment and music business my internship group. i learned all kinds of cool stuff and i even may have gotten hooked up with a girl who works there for some fashion opportunities in my town. it was WICKED cool, like no joke.

&the lesson of the day? NETWORK! (meeting people so you can expand your "network" so you're always in the know- because if you haven't noticed, its all about WHO you know). so, get yourself out there and SELL your ideas. trust me, people WILL buy.



Anonymous said...

I recognized that skirt and had to do a little digging but found it! Another way to wear it. I believe this one is also from Forever 21 so it must be the same skirt. She kind of bashes it for being leather/pleather but I think it looks nice!

alanna said...

ahh girl. im psyched for a new idea!
that was a fabulous recommendation. keep them coming girl!
thanks for reading