Thursday, June 11

day TWO

this is from the vena cava diy post where i un-attached the skirt because i liked it too much and wore it as a high wasted skirt. i just wore it with a plain tank and a little blazer on top to transform it from business casual to business formal. which is totally what i was looking for without having to suffer through wearing suit (which i can absolutely just not bring myself to buy.. or wear in the near future). I put a belt on top of the blazer because im a busy girl who likes to accessorize and it was a bit too plain..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(my mom's blazer, old navy tank, a skirt i made (from the vena cava DIY dress, my mom's belt, encore shoes (not sure on the brand), forever 21 clutch)

this is the outfit on the second day of my internship.. which is going great! have any of you guys heard of little red book? it might be solely based out of georgia but i heard a few things about it so i was curious on getting some feedback..
by the way..
trend of the day- VINTAGE. check out the stores in your area for hand crafted items. originality and uniqueness is KEY

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