Friday, June 5

so, on the grunge.
after i searched for 312958439 days, i finally found a pair. yet, i have to say that i wasn't totally satisfied with the level of destruction these jeans posed. so, i decided to make my own pair (check back soon for a DIY post and directions video). but, i did model these out to dinner with my family for graduation
shirt from colombia (my home!), forever 21 jeans, steve madden wedges (aren't they fabulous?!)
the next time you take a shopping trip, try to find something to contribute to what it seems ALL my recent posts have been about- GRUNGE. torn jeans, leather jackets, studded accessories, whatever you can find. vintage usually works the best, and remember to make it your OWN. be original, be beautiful, be fabulous, be confident

*smile, and people will think you have something to hide which makes you automatically interesting (paris hilton)


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