Tuesday, June 30

shiny jewels make me melt.

just found this fabulous spread. i dont know where your downfalls are, but mine is DEFINITELY jewelery. im ALL about the accessories- rings, bangles, earrings.. whatever it is, im all eyes. i still remember the first thing i got- christmas last year, i opened the last gift under the tree and it was my first watch. a beautiful silver and gold tudor rolex. my heart absolutely melted..
heres a picture-

*sorry its so freaking blurry. my camera captures people and since there was no people and i couldnt figure out how to change the setting, it wouldnt focus. and besides, a picture wouldn't do it justice, its too great.. haha
(you'll never catch me without it on. so instead of "wheres waldo", go play "wheres the watch" in my pics, and you will find it!)
anyways, so when i saw this gorgeous spread in the June issue of Amica, i was enthralled. absolutely amazed with the level of creativity these kind of jewels pose. seriously, the placement is fabulous, the stones stunning. everything about it makes me weak at the knees. hope everyone enjoys it as much as i did!


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