Tuesday, June 23

punk. rock. hot.

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(old navy tank, rockware dress, michael kors boots)
this has to be a favorite outfit of mine. its perfect for the summer or the winter if you throw on a leather jacket. and its so damn appealing. ugh i just love it
i had a good mondayy, which is like a first. i went to work, and then i lifted weights and checked out the eye candy at the gym mhhmmmm, and then my plans kinda fell through tonight-- but no big deal. so im watching gg re-runs and drinking caramel truffle coffee.. sex IN MY MOUTH. the BEST coffee EVER! its so nice to relax since i have the house to myself this week while my brother is in china! i will post pictures when he returns.. which should be wicked interesting. i dont think china would be in my top choices of places to travel because i hear its so dirty, but nonetheless, awesome experience. speaking of going places, hopefully im going back home, to colombia, in october.. dad just let me know today hes looking for some tickets, so im superrr pumped about that. seriously, if you want to learn about the world AND discover yourself- travel. its so therapeutic, and yeah it can be expensive, but you can definitely work off of a budget too (thats the way we do!). anyways, maybe sometime soon i can post a few travel hotspots for you guys to check out in case you're going to hit up any major cities soon (i know sea of shoes blogger, jane is currently in tokyo- check out her fabulous pics @ http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/)..
live life BIG.


Ash Fox said...

you have such kick ass style!

alanna said...

thanks girl!
im new at blogging, so send your friends!
im going to check your blog asap girl