Saturday, September 26

the "hiding from the paparazzi" hat

heres the first of a series of exciting posts, "hats 101" to show you guys how to wear all that stylish head gear you've got hiding in the back of your closet that seems to never go right with anything
Image and video hosting by TinyPic heres my version of the "hiding from the paparazzi" floppy hat-

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so mom and i went thrifting last weekend and i found these killer platforms! i was SO excited when i left the store with them (after the lady behind me asked me, "is that really what teenagers wear these days? i mean, can you even walk in those?".. that was definitely the deciding factor that told me how absolutely incredible they had to be.. not that i didn't already know). i thought i was going to be able to master the walking no problem, but when i ran down these stairs, i totally ATE it. there was a girl sitting on the lawn right in front of where i fell who died laughing.. i was pretty mortified, but it was definitely worth it. i've learned how to walk now, after practicing this morning on a walk with my pup.. too funny

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(xoxo jeans, thrifted shoes, at last & company shirt, saks belt, f21 hat, thrifted sunnies, jewelery- vintage, f21, and saks)



clo said...

very weird and unique shoess!!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

the shoes! Amazing! x

Gerri Ward said...

p.s. Those killer soles are to DIE FOR!!!