Wednesday, January 13

cold feet? not anymore!

legwarmers: often worn in ballet, these nifty little warmers look even better out of the studio.. and they're so easy- think disc one, season one of sex and the city- yeah, thats fast, i know. it's pretty much knitting for cheaters. knitting is something that takes a bit of time ad practice to learn to do in a flawless manner. however, when i discovered these things called "knifty knitters", i immediately was excited about how easy it looked, and i was right. anyone can make these legwarmers or any other tube-shaped knit you want (tube scarfs are super in right now). just follow the instructions on the package after you buy a gorgeous yarn. i also just bought the rectangular shaped knitter (at walmart for $9), so the options are endless.. good luck!

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definitely going to try a knitted version of this tube scarf next:

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just made these absolutely delicious HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls from LOTTIE & DOOF; and just like Tim says.. i know everyone is scared of using yeast and immediately shies away from a recipe that has this listed as an ingredient. and i had NEVER used yeast before this recipe; but they worked great and the dough rose.. and i had a delicious brunch that everybody was raving about!

(of course their presentation is wayy better, but my little homemade version is cute too, i thought)
see the recipe here

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Kay said...

oh sweetie.. you look like a doll! super pretty.. :)

i love the outfit.. especially the jacket and boots..

thanks for the sweet comment.. followed ur awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

A way to a mans heart is through those rolls.... *

C. said...

I wish I could knit!! & love the polyvore set :)

xo, C.

daisychain said...

so awesome!

i've never had cinnamon rolls, I feel deprived!

Anonymous said...

those rolls look BEYOND tasty
way to go on making the socks yourself
love them! super great addition for the winter look
thanks for sharing as always
i really love your blog, keep it up!


Pia said...

yummy! and awesome knitting job! i wish i knew how!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Leg warmers are cute! Love them! I think a knitted version of that scarf would be great! Have fun making it! =)

xoxo, Shelly

maria@chicisimo said...

You did a great knitting job! I will research in Spain, to find that system. I have to try!
You look cute with this outfit :D!

happy 2010, btw!

S. said...

Those shoes, love them!


Suzanne said...

thanks! love this jacket, looks perfect for winter

MizzJ said...

Good job on the legwarmers! I'm too lazy to make anything of my own, but this does look super easy... My my those cinnamon rolls have my stomach growling!!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Love the snood, and the outfit!!!

Margherita&Eleonora said...

tee us stunning and the snood too :)

Ivan McK said...

U just made me so hungry.....mmm. I LOVE cinnamon rolls and espeically of the "homemade" variety. LOL

Great boots..and nice job on the knitting! I may have to employ you for a hat or two ;-)


Anonymous said...

cool collage! :)


dmk said...

love thz scarf!!!
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