Friday, January 1

happy new years baby.

hope everyone had an amazing 2009! and may everyone have an even more amazing 2010.
my new year's resolution? keep blogging, keep reading, keep learning.. make it to fashion week baby.

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my dog looks so sad..
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and sweet ashley over at fashion roadkill send me two blogger awards recently. thanks so much sweetgirl for the Beautiful Blogger Award & Glamorous Blog Award. so, i'm going to share some randomness that you didn't already know about me and pass the awards on!

1)i'm a complete nerd. as much as im obsessed with fashion, im equally obsessed with the logistics and number crunching behind the companies. weird, i know.
2)my favorite food is pizza.. but i hate cheese (so, i take it all off). im aware that that's even weirder. haha
3)i'm always so cold that i'm often torn between getting dressed up and going out, or fixing tapas and some cocktails and eating dinner by the fire in my heels.
4)i'm insanely jealous of tavi (style rookie) because she is a fashiongenius. need i say more?
5)i have a baby cow. gosh, i can't even believe i just owned up to that

and i'm passing them on to:
1) le 21ème arrondissement because his photography is amazingg
2) le CHEAP c'est CHIC because her "about me" section is the most amazing piece of literature i have read on a blog thus far
3) mode d'amour because she is SO diligent about posting outfits, and they NEVER dissapoint
4) style bird because her DIY's are the most incredible and creative projects i have EVER seen
5) olsens anonymous .. i just had to include this. im too entirely obsessed with mk&a not to


and since new years is all about sparkles and gold.. i thought i'd share this picture with you. it was my favorite look from the show.. not to mention miranda kerr is a goddess

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Sherin said...

You are so gorgeous!!! I love your dress. It looks stunning on you. Hope you had a great evening and I love your resolutions. Hope you make it to fashion week!

Style Bird said...

You look beautiful! I love your outfit..great boots! Thank you so much for the awards!! I love them! xoxo ava

FairyLadyStyle said...

You look so great!
happy new year !

visit my blog :

Sher said...

Congrats on the awards!!

And you look wonderful in that dress, velvet is so lush and elegant:)

Hope you had a great new year bash!!


p.s. Your mom is so beautiful too:)

Style, She Wrote said...

Love your velvet dress! Very sexy - but very warm. (We are FREEZING in New York!)
Happy New Year!

daisychain said...

I want to steal your dress, and shoes!

Winters Reaper said...



Lali said...

Happy New Year!:)

peanutbutterbliss said...

your new years outfit is so fashionable!! love the all black look girlie :)

love me some pizza too :)

rubennieto said...

I love your outfit!!! Happy new year!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

You look so pretty!! And I love miranda kerr she is gorgeous!!

Miss Eve said...

Yay, you look beautiful and your family is so lovely! Thanks for sharing these pictures! Love your new year goals as well...

Happy New Year! Look so much forward to read your lovely posts in 2010 as well!

Much love: Evi

CMA said...

gorgeous darling
love it as always
you have a refreshing blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing


ARANXA. said...

ooh i love your velvet dress it looks amazing on you :)

natasha's view said...

Lovely dress!
Happy New Year's!!
Thanks for your sweet comment :-)


Lea's Suitcase said...

flawless velvet dress! I have to post my "deal or no deal" dress i got from It's a Wrap in LA. My doggy was upset too the night of NYE. She looked like she wanted to come with us so bad :(

kerosene and lux said...

whereeee is that dress from?!!? it looks amazing on you!

Megan Cassidy said...

looove your shoes!!! and ur doggie :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

mahayanna said...

I love your dress, just discovered your blog, and gonna come back, that's sure

Le 21ème said...

Alanna! you look amazingly sexy! Thank you SO much for the plug! You're the BEST!


meppen said...

your hair is greeeat

Jenni said...

I just adore your outfit from NYE. You're a hottie!

ediot said...

hi darling. you look so so cute & the dress fits you so well.

beingdena said...

you look stunning in that dress. xxx

Diane said...

your dress is so fabulous!
and your dog is too cute! :)

Carol said...

perfect look, I love your tights, elegant legs.