Wednesday, June 23

finallyyyy got a day off, put together an outfit, and headed to the mall. lucky me for being forced to wait so long- everything was on sale! pologie and nordstrom were both having massive sales and i couldnt keep my hands off of all the shoes.. GORGEOUS. although i was sad not to buy them all, i exercised some self-control and only walked out with two pairs promising myself that if they were meant to be, they would still be there come time for next paycheck..
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mom and i headed to cheesecake factory before hitting the stores and it was amaazingg. im always BEYOND overwhelmed when they hand me that menu as its 15+ pages long.. crazy, right? i usually get the pizza and it never fails to dissapoint but i decided to do something different and got the herb salmon salad and i must say it was a bit of a letdown butt it might have also giving me a shopping advantage in that like when i eat the pizza, i wasnt so full that i had to unbutton my pants during shopping hahaha..

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(DIY shorts, vinage silk shirt and bag, gap blazer, miami hat and jcrew flower pin)

enjoy the week; the suns shining here (although maybe a little bit too much..)



Myriam said...

wow you're stunning girl!! i love your diy shoes and everything is perfect!

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Star-Light said...

great outfit! love your shoes :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

you are so adorable! love that hat on you, and your tiny little stringy shorts, gorgeous legs and those shoes. hope you've had a great day. xo. -Bella Q

Suar Gazaroglu said...

heeey i loved your bloggg!! (=
i follow you folllow me

Natalya's Closet said...

Yay for days off!! I hope you are enjoying it!! I love your hat and those shoes are fabulous!! XOXO, Natalya

miss velvet bow said...

beautiful outfits!

Sherin said...

That's such a cute shopping outfit. The hat, especially, looks really good.

Well done for having some self control! I would have gone crazy at shoe sale.

isabelle said...

LOVE the orange accents! you have an adorable style. will think of your blog next time I use orange on a photoshoot :)

mlle isabelle

Anonymous said...

Your shorts looks great! Love the outfit.

kerosene and lux said...

probably my favorite outfit of yours. so so cute

Egoitz Azcona said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome hat <3

johanna said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment. Keep visit me. I wasn't quite sure too, but that editorial was absolutely gorgeous

You had such a fun day.

Keep following,
love, johanna

Kelly said...

Fabulous outfit! I love the vintage shirt, and the hat and the shoes, and that blazer! :) And cheesecake factory is ah-mazing!!

Thanks for the comment!! Following you on bloglovin!

<3 Kelly

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love this outfit. THose shoes are so hot.

Leia's Delights said...

You look gorgeous! I love that bag!

Queen D said...

love ur oxford platform shoes :)
u look so stunning..
anyway tks for leave comment in my blog, really apreciate it.

i've already followed u, feel free if u wanna follow me back :D


hug and kiss^^

rachel. said...

this outfit is such a great shopping outfit! i'm in love with those shoes & the hat. :)
thanks for commenting, by the way! it made my day. :D

Laura. said...

That is such a cute outfit! The DIY shorts are great and the flower in your hat is the perfect touch xoxo

J. said...

The perfect shopping look! You have great legs and I love those shoes too!

Alecto said...

those orange heels are an awesomely unexpected addition to that outfit. you look fantastic and i must applaud your use of self control :-)

Fashion-Guide said...

I thinking it shorts is and made, isen’t it? Xoxo FRWL

Elinor said...

Really cool and nice outfit girl!