Tuesday, June 29

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i apologize for the lack of posts and the utter lack of creativity lately.. i've been with an ear infection and vertigo for 8 days now and it is draining every ounce of effort i can muster to do anythinggg. in my half-awake stupor, i put together this outfit and attempted to do a "living room photoshoot", but i'm suddenly feeling like a failure in that all four of these pictures are me halfway crouching into the fetal position or finding my head falling on the table..

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i was excited however, to put on these shoes- one of the pairs i picked up at the shoe sale last week! not to mention i grabbed a gorgeous pair of Calvin Klein lucite heels.. though i have to admit i'm going to have to think on how to wear those for a while

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(ON shirt, AE shorts, Sam Edelman Wedges, random bling)

i promise to be back again soon, full force!



The (Style) Realist said...

the wedges are cute though! I almost bought those in blue, now i'm sad that i didn't...sigh


Amandita said...

Oh no, ear infection and vertigo that sounds really bad, I hope you are doing ok, The pics are great I love the outfit the shoes and everything

Pasarela said...

Love the shoes <3
Get well soon!!!

Sherin said...

I love the shoes! They are amazing.

irene said...

That shoes are so amazing !! <3


wow! amazing pictures
I loveeeeeeeeee the heels!


something blue said...

LOVE white shorts. They're the only kind I wear!

le pearl said...

Aw babe I cans ee it in your face you don't feel well <3

Hopw you get better soon. I LOVE your shoes. You really do look amazing. Also your tan is so amazing! I hate being pale :(

Also thanks for visiting my blog, I have been inactive because of internet speed but I am back and I appreciate your constant support xoxo

Anonymous said...

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wilmchz said...

the SANDALS!!!!gosh, like it!


Ashley said...

Those wedges are bitchin! I like the slubbiness of your shirt as well. Hope you're feeling better soon!!

xoxo, Ashley

laura x said...

ive got tan envy and shoe envy, stunning! loves x

Kelly said...

Love the wedges!! Great outfit! I hope you feel better soon!!

<3 Kelly

Désirée said...

love Sam Edelman! A pity we can't buy it here in Switzerland! love your pictures xx desi

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

I love those shoes!!!

Hope you're feeling better!