Sunday, August 23

DIY shredded shirt

so, im totally into this shredded motorcycle shirt look and have decided to try it out. jane at sea of shoes also inspired her mother judy to create one. but the idea of shredding originally came from camille at childhood flames (i also used her shredding technique to make a pair of jeans). but on this shirt, i didn't much feel like spending all that time and where i would have just cut slits with a pair of scissors, i bought this shirt with slits already in it. judy, mom of jane from sea of shoes, simply cut slits also. heres a picture of her creation:

here's camille's crazy awesome shredding..

and here's mine... BEFORE

(its black, i just took the picture really close to show you guys the rips and the flash discolored it a bit)

i bought the shirt from forever21 with slits cut in it, and i added slits to the back and studded the whole thing. i bought my studs from while they were on sale- they were WICKED CHEAP. i spent like $20 on about 350 or 400 studs. hope you guys enjoy!


somedaynewyorker said...

I love shredded.

sophë said...

woah! I wouldnt have the guts to shred a top, i'd actually would shred it, like to pieces.

lalita tian said...

whoaa i love the white one. & your studs is very cool!! :D