Wednesday, August 26

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im finally back with an outfit post! its been a superr hectic week, sorry for the unintentional blogging break. anyways, these jeans are like a new essential in my wardrobe. they're totally as a man once said "looking like i got attacked by a rabid raccoon", but isn't that what makes them awesome in the first place? i had the hardest time today finding a shirt that did them justice. i couldn't go for black because it was all too cliche with the gothic urban theme, and a graphic tee looked like i was trying to hard.. so i finally threw on a white shirt and almost called it quits until this lumberjack plaid button down jumped in my face. destiny? i totally agree. it brings me back to the days as a little kid in my dads flannel buttondowns.. oh how i miss those days.
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(lovenotes button down, urban vibe jeans, hollister belt, ariat boots, various necklaces thirfted and f21)
okay, so today i bought tickets to LA! i need some fabulous dinner places, so if you guys have any reccommendations- totally let me know! ive been recommended a few places that ill definitely try out, and ill let you guys know what i think. im sure milk and open ceremony will be nothing short of perfection. and i heard a restaurant called asia de cuba (next door to sky bar of cindy crawford) was supposed to be amazing. after, i checked out the website and saw listed first thing, i quote, "nothing under $50" i decided to deposit a few more paychecks into my new LA fund.. should be worth it though. i promise to be back soon with more outfits!


Ash Fox said...

you look amazing. your jewelry is astonishing. i love the way you pulled this look together.

i LOVE LA. definitely go to "Rainbow" on the sunset strip.

cody said...

you look so stunning, i love your pants and you glasses!

xx cody

ChickyGirl said...

Haha I thought you were the same person=)

noura. said...

Thaaaank you so much for your comment!
Love your blog!

Alanna said...

what badass jeans. you work them well, you look awesome!

enjoy LA, if you can make it to the Ivy, which is filled with hot young starlets and fashionistas i suggest you get the fries! they are amazing.

ps. you have the most beautiful name i have ever heard! haha

alanna said...

ash fox: i will definitely go there; thanks!

cody & noura- thank you so muchh!

chickygirl- i know right, its a unique name, shes the first one i met with it also.

alanna- haha, and i will definitely try it! sounds awesomee!