Saturday, August 8

tattered, beat, &torn

i've decided that the lookbook for this falls runway is my favorite ever. the leather, the studs, the tassles, the shredding; it just never gets old. im just infatuated with the idea of being able to walk around like you rolled out of bed and actually look HOTT. its like, sheer perfection, and however many times i mention it still wont be enough, but we have mk&a to thank for this grunge trend they totally copyrighted a few years back. their style is my inspiration- its absolutely gorgeous! so i wish i had included the shoes but i was barefoot and standing on the table while trying to run out the door so i wasnt late to meet up with some friends last night; so i apologize. but i would have had my new tassel stilletos, which i promise i will showcase ASAP because they are like ohhhh.. myygoshh- indescribable. so, im on my way to see my brother whos finally come home for the weekend. muahhhh!
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(urbanvibe gray dress (worn underneath), evolution black dress, entourage ring)

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