Monday, August 3

taylor momsen bangs? check.

im aware of the horribly awful quality of these pictures, but i wanted to show off my new hair (following the last post) and these are the only pictures from right after.. i decided to do some taylor momsen bangs and i think they look pretty similar thanks to a fabulous melanie philpot at bob salon!- i like them alott! after that, me and mom went shopping to celebrate the weekend of the tax free clothing sales in georgia. i picked up a few things to update my "school appropriate wardrobe".. ugh, i know. and ive decided to only stray every other day (such an improvement from my remedial status of last year as the frequent dress code violator) haha. well, im off to get some chicken noodle soup even though its like sweltering here at 96 degrees. im just in the lazy soup mood today, i guess..
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(ambiance tank, american eagle skirt, hand crafted colombian gold necklace, anthropologie belt, dive pumps)


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Maverick Malone said...

Love this. And NO you don't look like a cow. Don't worry, I always think that, too!

xox, mavi