Saturday, July 11

DIY 80's t-shirts

ever get tired of boring t-shirts to work out or lounge around in? i know i did. so, yesterday i did my famous makeover- i grabbed a pair of scissors and just started cutting.. and this is what i ended up with. a shirt that i wore to work with my famous blues brothers glasses and was immediately welcomed as "80's girl".. so, i present an innovative way to take all those boring t-shirts in the back of your closet that you refuse to wear from disgusting.. to totally vintage. i even wore mine to mix some beats this morning



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(DIY shirt, gap boyfriend jeans, incredible hulk edition bape-n-apes)

how to: this has to be like the simplest DIY project EVER.. just take a pair of scissors and cut the collar, but only the collar! even though it still looks small just stretch it a little by pulling it. if you cut it any bigger, it won't hang off one shoulder, but swallow both and then it will be ruined. its optional to cut the sleeve and the hem at the bottom also. i did both because i liked the frayed look going on all over the t-shirt, but its up to you. it looks fabulous frayed and worn to expose a shoulder. totally relaxed but still seductive. mhhmmmm. let me know if theres any confusion! and send me your results!


Posh said...

You look so cool and your hair is gorgeous! <3

Raven said...

Love this look...great DIY project. :)


alanna said...

aww thanks!
if you guys try it out, email me pics!

Anonymous said...

i love these tips! the DIY posts are my FAV, keep them coming!!