Thursday, July 16

im aware of the crappy quality of pictures here and the lack of creativity put into them. but seriously, today was just NOT my day to take pictures (seems like i've been saying that alot lately.. i do apologize). i love you guys a bunch though and i promise a post soon with a hott outfit and fabulous shoes (of course!). im going marathon shopping tomorrow, and i know ill come home with all kinds of goodies to share with you guys.. so get excited! until then, my fashion sense has utterly gone out the window and im left with a big closet and nothing to do with it. i absolutely despise that feeling (having nothing to wear..) so ive decided to fix it. cant wait to hit the racks. muahhhh!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(thrift shirt, fifth culture skirt, missme wedges)



Ash Fox said...

love the orange color.


Kat said...

Nice orange top!