Monday, July 13

...wish i would have taken pictures when i went shopping todayy! but i only ended up taking pictures of myself before i left and im so mad! i promise pictures from the cool vintage shops around town ASAP!
this is what i wore to lunch and shopping with the girls today! the outfits a bit bland, and ive already shown all the pieces in one outfit or another, but i feel i owe you guys a post because i know there wont be any cute and fashionable outfits coming out of tomorrow.. except maybe my work uniform. anyways, enjoy the update! hope everyone had as fabulous of a weekend as i did!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(abercrombie top, mossimo scarf (worn as belt), AA skirt, 21 headband, steve madden wedges)
i send love, love, LOVE!


Lauren said...

i'm loving your shoes!

katie d said...

love the outfit! I love that the separates looks like a dress, so cute :)


Alanna said...

cute cute- love the bow... and your name!

alanna said...

thanks girls! i LOVE high wasited skirts.. this is like my signature look haha. and ohmygosh! ive never met anybody with the same name as me- how cool!