Tuesday, July 21


so as many (and i hope ALL!) of you know, the sixth harry potter, harry potter and the half blood prince, was released last tuesday at midnight. so, even though as fashionable as i can sometimes be, i was so excited to see the movie that it definitely didn't occur to me that i could look cute dressed up in a hogwarts outfit.. so i post pictures on account of the fact that i can (somewhat proudly) admit to being a total nerd for harry potter who sported no fashion sense whatsoever in public for one night of my life. (gross- what was i thinking?!)

but i did express a little creativity! i made this cape :).. as kindergarten-ish as that sounds

and what makes me more shameful than to say i lacked fashion sense is the fact that this girl (below), my friend, totally ROCKED it!

and all these devoted fans at the theatre.. WICKED!

.. and the stars!
these are from the movie premiere

thought i'd throw this one in here. i absolutely love emma's outfit and its just totally kodak

**special thanks to CHIC'ken Helene for these HP pics taken from her blog (she too is an avid fan!)



Anonymous said...

wahahhahah... this is so hilarious. I can see that you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Vi said...

Haha, you guys are such great fans of Harry Potter, dressing up for the movie and what not. I just went in boring clothes to see it. And I think you look adorable, so no worries about being "not fashionable" or whatever.

bryna said...

haha, hilarious - i love the picture of the guy leaping into the air!

alanna said...

haha. we are harry potter FANATICS. it was so much fun! you guys still have 2 more chances because the last movie is being split into two films!
glad you girls enjoyed! and thanks

cici said...

that looks like fucking good time :)
i always went to see HP at midnight