Monday, July 20

oh my.. my, my

i feel so absolutely sympathetic when i look at these pictures and imagine how these girls felt after taking a tumble on the runway. but i figure theres humor in everything and when these girls look back, they'll only laugh. so ive decided to share them with you on three notes- i feel so bad that i want you to pity them also, i want you to give a little laugh, and i want you to note how damn good they look.. even falling. haha, enjoy!

monika jagaciak at herve leger's fall '09 show

milana bogolepova at the 2008 dior cruise collection show

gharni strok's spring '06 show

elise crombez at proenza schouler spring '07 show

.. check upcoming posts for new pieces i scored at the mall friday!


Vi said...

Everyone has an inner klutz, even models!

somedaynewyorker said...

The images from the Dior show are priceless.

Anonymous said...

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