Friday, July 24

DIY gold chainlink necklace

this is a very EASY and totally third-grade DIY, but i'll post it for you guys anyways because if you know how to make it, you can attatch and kind of charms and chains and make it gorgeous. the inspiration came from all of the glamourai's creations on etsy and shrimpton couture. check out her totally original and gorgeous pieces at theglamourai.blogspot where you can find links to etsy and shrimpton couture. heres the necklace i made-

how-to- i just bought different sized gold chains and bought a toggle and clasp for the ends that had three hook-holes. i wish the chains were less shiny and more tarnished and maybe i can do something about that, but i havent yet. so anyways just connect all the gold chains to each other and twist them up and connect them to the toggle and clasp at the ends. like i said, a bit third-grade-ish. but, it was something to do on the rainy afternoon, and i didn't have many supplies to work with. have fun!


Ash Fox said...

gorgeous! you did a very nice job.


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

very cool DIY! i noticed they had some great chain necklaces at Target too (for a good price).

alanna said...

ash fox: thanks girl! and thanks for coming back to visit :)
mademoiselle: you should check out my other, better, and more advanced DIY's. and many thanks for the tip- i'll have to check that out!

Anonymous said...

i made one of these and used your tips! of course, mine doesn't look half as good as yours, but i tried! thanks for the awesome tips alanna!


alanna said...

samantha- im sure yours looks fabulous! im working on some DIY things right now that i hope to post soon, so check back! and give me your blog, so i can check yours out (if you have one)