Wednesday, July 8

DIY acid wash jeans



... excuse my un-original and nasty state.. today was SO not a good picture day.

this is another good way to take a normal pair of jeans from ordinary.. to extraordinary! and they're really easy to do! all kinds of tutorials can be found on google and stuff but heres how i did it..
how to- there are two options depending on how bleached you want the color and whether you work with light or dark jeans. my suggestion is to start with watered down bleach (like 1 cup water and 1/2 cup bleach) and if you aren't satisfied with the results, just try straight bleach (not diluted). i used just bleach because the jeans i used were so light to begin with that i had to fade them a lot to even show any kind of difference. i used a toothbrush to just brush on all the seams (down the legs, on the belt loops, around the pockets, on the bottom...) and then i ripped a little hole in the knee to make them a little bit "homelessness-ish". i love to wear these with ankle booties.. such as the ones i got from topshop. see june 28 for more pics.



Ash Fox said...

nice job!i love the boots!

eleniii said...

awesome work!! love that u did it, gives it character xxx

alanna said...

thanks girls!
go try it out too- its a cheap jeans makeover!