Saturday, October 10

enamored with alexander wang

so, the valley is amazing.. and im absolutly lovingggg quaint santa monica. we've done a lot of shopping, a lot of people watching, and a lot of good eating. when we landed on thursday, we headed over to zara in santa monica and seriously- it was HUGE. the zara in atlanta doesn't even compare.. so pretty much i spent all my money right then. we wandered down on main and got pizza at this amazing italian place and it was to DIE for. yesterday we headed over to zara again, and met up with my cousin and gave him a whole new wardrobe- he looked amazing after. then we went to milk where the clothing was nothing short of perfection. i got this amazing bra that im so excited about. later we finally headed into LA right to the center of the TOURISTSS! hollywood blvd is SCARY. im pretty much traumatized now because the creepy people kept grabbing me.. thanks to my friends who casually told me "that i would be fine in a skirt and 4 inch heel boots"... i dont think so! i was too scared that i was going to be offered money because everyone waas looking at me like i was a prostitute haha. i didnt look trashy at all.. but standing next to like a trillion asian tourists wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and fanny packs, i definitely stood out. after conquering my meltdown over there, we headed back to the pad to change and go to dinner. we grabbed a bite at asia de cuba and ohmygosh, it was so fabulous i cant even begin to describe it. i took a few pictures that i promise to post soon, but let me forewarn you- nothing would do it justice.. you just have to go and see it. tonight we're meeting up with some friends to head to dinner and the edison, which thanks to ALANNA for recommending- im sure it will be killer! heres a post from a little while back in the mean time of me uploading the pics:

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like every other girl remotely interested in fashion.. i've been completely enamored by the recent "side braid" trend on the runway thanks to the ever-fabulous alexander wang and decided to try it out
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(heritage 81 tank, bandeu top, DIY studded vest)

this DIY was crazy easy and took me seriously about 10 minutes. while cooking dinner, i saw something on television about vintage vests and wah-lah- STUDS! : the perfect combination to restore any faded jean disaster. enjoy!



kirstyb said...

loving the vest ! oh and i love alexander wang! wish i had more money lol x

Gerri Ward said...

I luv Alexander Wang, and your braid is solely GLAM FABULOUS, it ROCKS just like your VEST!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Girl you have gorgeous hair! Love thee vest, been trying to find one thrifting, but I think everyone else is doing thee same because they are no where to be found. Love what you have done with it!


Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)