Thursday, October 1

and she jingles when she talks..

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(true religion jeans, steve madden wedges, diy chain belt, lulu ring, f21 bracelet, thrifted top, random belt? )

i was feeling in the mood to wear something slinky and fun in the bit of warm weather that just passed through (ughh i thought it had gone away?! i already switched into fur mode!) just so i could wear this shirt which has been sitting in my closet for entirely too long and these wedges i picked up back in april one more time. it ended up being perfect and i headed out to watch a local band with some friends. and even though i wear an excessive and totally overwhelming amount of rings and bracelets on a daily basis, i didnt don too many tonight since the top was print. but somehow, ironic enought, it was in this outfit that i was nicknamed "gypsy"- i think it had to be the mix of the studded wedges, and belts. maybe it was the one shoulder top? whatever it was, i was definitely okay with being notorious for accessories and "loud noise" wherever i go haha



Superfluamente said...

lovely bag!!!

Laura said...

you should do some sort of tutorial on different ways to tie scarves because
a. I'm having trouble doing it and
b. I know you're awesome at it!!!

share the wealth :))