Monday, October 26

third street boulevard, santa monica

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heres (mo) that i spotted from behind walking down fourth street near santa monica beach. i was completely taken back by her great fashion. i mean, she has to be top 5 most fashionable girls i've seen walking down the street ever, and top 1 in cali. anyways, turns out shes an aspiring designer. i was excited to talk with her and she makes VERY good harem trousers as you can see. she has a blog too if you want to check it out. shes just starting, but who knows? she might make it big soon with those amazing pants



jamie clare said...

love it! her shoes are killer

Mouthwash said...

Awe...3rd Street! I used to work there. I also lost my CK sunglasses on a bus down there too. Haha.

You're right! This girl is stylish! I love her boots.



Isabel said...

I absolutely love her sequin headband! I'm gonna check out her blog right now.

ELVIA said...

looking good. x.