Tuesday, October 20

west third street, west hollywood- duncan quinn

meet shane walsh, a duncan quinn employee:
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duncan quinn boutique on west third street:
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i spotted his shoes, and immediately thought of three things: the sartorialist, milan, and fashionable men and knew i HAD to ask to take his picture. the style is impeccable. they have a gorgeous little shop tucked into west third street in west hollywood, and he was so friendly. they have a branch in new york too which i bet is even more amazing. so if you need a nice suit and you want excellent service, looks like duncan quinn is the place to go..



Gerri Ward said...

OMG! He's solely HANDSOME! This is a FABULOUS post!
I luv,luv,luv it!!!:))

Allison said...

I'm obsessed with the Satorialist! I thought about it immediately when I saw the picture, before I read anything.