Tuesday, October 6

"the spice girl hat"

the inspiration for this outfit came straight from the most killer artists alive- the spice girls and shakira. i went into the city today looking for some new heels at a "store closing sale". turns out, they weren't lying.. the store really was closed. i'm going to try going back again tomorrow; such a dissapointment..
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(skull&bone jeans, colombian scarf (worn as wrap), DIY belt, diva pumps, ebay hat, old navy blouse)

so excited to head off to LA friday.. promise to post pictures while im there!

p.s. i've been requested to do a scarf tutorial and i'm so happy to oblige to what my readers want! to wear a scarf as a wrap, fold the scarf at the diagonal so it now looks like a triangle. then. Drape the (obtuse angle on your hip) tip of the triangle on the side of your body and tie the two end of the triangle together on the opposite side of your body (your other hips). then you can add a chain by simply attaching on one side of your body and letting it drape or however you'd like to wear it!


Ash Fox said...

lol! i loved the spice girls at one time. you look adorable.



Allison said...

Hi alanna! it's Allison.
checked out your blog, it's kind of amazing.
(i really really hope you wear those chunky platforms to school from a blog or two ago)

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! I luv this outfit it solely FABULOUSLY ROCKS!!!:)

Jowy said...

Loving the hat, lookin classy as usual!

One Love,

Anonymous said...

oh!great outfit

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