Sunday, October 18

spirit week

so it was spirit week in my highschool, and i attempted to conform to the "theme" of each day. however, i couldnt bring myself to look tacky and tried to incorporate some kind of fashion while still looking the part.. which wasnt as easy as it sounds. so, heres some humor for you.. dont laugh too hard
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"nerd day"
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"dress as your grade's theme day; mine was rock 'n'roll (the girl on the left went with a vintage leather motorcycle look- classic)" (the girl on the right's theme was pop and she dressed as hannah montana)
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.. and here's some kiss characters (thats a pete wentz lookalike's head in the left corner haha)
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school color day (gold- super hard since i remembered latee the night before and couldnt go buy anything gold)



Niki B. said...

the nerd costume is adorable

Jeni said...

Love the gold outfit! just stumbled across your blog, it's great!

Come and say hi when you get a chance :)

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! YOU look Fabulously CHIC!!!:))

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Cute photos! Your "nerd" outfit is adorable! the last outfit is also very cool.

Jelka said...

Haha cool! :D
I Like the nerd outfit!