Wednesday, October 14

and i could be on top of the world if you met me there

heres a few shots of vacayy in LA. i wish i had taken more pictures of us, but somehow we didnt get into many of the pics.. must have been because the people didnt look friendly enough to want to take a picture for us haha

the inside of milk in which i found an AMAZINGGGG bra:
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a star on hollywood blvd. excuse my lame-ness, i had to be touristy and go to this street:
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LA ink:
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a cousin i met up with there:
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the ivy:
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we went to opening ceremony and mygosh, it was nothing short of my wildest dreams. the place, the clothes, the people. everything was absolutely amazing. i wanted to just call humberton and ask to buy his store right there. i bet the tokyo store which apparently is like 7 floors is like the sickest thing everrrr. they didnt let me take pictures of course so as not to steal their amazing sense of creativity so i don't have anything to show you guys. but just trust me, it is SO worth the drive. and where the wild things are collection- whoa. it is KILLER!
here are a few pictures of OC i found online:
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Barbro Andersen said...

I'm so jealous!! I really want to go there too!

Indeed, very very long :p I wish we all could just skip these kinds of days!

Anonymous said...

how fun!

O'Style said...

Awusome pics! I wish I was there!


Jess said...

Looks like such an amazing trip - I've always wanted to go!

Kiera said...

loving the blog
its cute
im following u now
plz return the favor

much love

Niki B. said...

awesome pics! love the outfit you're wearing with your cuz.

ps. Enter my fab fall giveaway!

A La Mode said...

Oh my god, I am so jealous! I want to visit LA so badly! xxxx

JINX said...

your style is so addictive and you have the face of an angel..... love what you bring to fashion blogging...

Ash Fox said...

love love love LA. you look amazing! it looks like you had a lot of fun!



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