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best ATLANTA food

heres the second part dedicated to the food series, but this time for atlanta. as like the others, let me know if theres any places that you'd like me to research/add to the list. i hope you guys enjoy the reccommendations and give me feedback if you try any of them! (many of these recommendations are centered around food and most of the food only reccomendations (not cocktails, taverns..) are recommended for lunch. however, if you're shooting for atmosphere, check out my first food post, "best big-city eats")

best asian food:

Genki Noodles & Sushi
At The Prado: 5590 Roswell Rd, Ste 100; Sandy Springs; 404.843.8319

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The menu expands on the original's, with new additions like the Volcano appetizer (mixed seafood in spicy aioli, topped w/ mozzarella & tobiko sprinkle), and the Snapping Samurai roll: shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado, topped w/ red snapper, sliced cherry tomato & jalapeno. There're also new bottled beers like Oregon's Session, a flight of four sakes, plus 10 new cocktails like the Bacardi Dragon Berry, mint & lemonade "Intoxicating Dragon" -- stealing Puff's claim to fame, and leaving him with little more than strings, and sealing wax, and other fancy stuff.
see the full menu here

best bohemian inspired food:

560 Dutch Valley Rd; Midtown; 404.888.1890

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Meat, dairy, and produce come from GA farms, including Asian-inspired orange glazed pork w/ apple slaw and cherry mostarda on ciabatta bread, and crispy ginger squid w/ lime, shisho and chile aioli; for Southern fare, there's organic chicken & dumplings, and pan-fried Carolina bass w/ crispy potato, arugula and lemon roe aioli, or you can swing Mediterranean with the crispy Spanish mackerel with chickpeas, mint, sultanas, and eau de tomate, which if splashed behind your ears, is a step up from Tommy Girl. Weekend brunch delivers Catalan baked eggs w/ Spanish chorizo, Sweet Georgia shrimp & grits, local fried chicken (w/ an English cheddar waffle & apple butter), and Berkshire pork hash, w/ poached farm eggs, and red eye hollandaise, which obviously forgot the first rule when it comes to hash: always bring Visine.
check out the full menu here

best korean-latin infused food:

Hankook Taqueria
1341 Collier Rd; West Atlanta; 404.352.8881

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Tacos're orderable straight from the counter, and served two ways: either with green onion, cabbage and soy sesame vinaigrette, or yellow onion, cilantro and lime juice; meat choices comprise "Dak Gogi" chicken marinated in spicy sauce, Korean BBQ-marinated "Bulgogi" beef, "Daeji Gogi" pulled pork, and the panko-crusted, Hoisin tartar sauce-sided tilapia called "Saeng Seon Jeon", also the name of a popular knockoff urban jumpsuit brand. Additionally, they'll fill you with burritos (same protein/garnish choices, but also stuffed with kim chee fried rice), or jack cheese quesadillas with chicken, beef, or pork; tortilla-less tastes include the fried, ginger-scallion pork "Man-Doo" dumplings, "Naeng-Myung" soba noodles w/ veggies, tempura-fried Korean sweet potatoes, and the thick-n-spicy broth, rice and Pusan fish cake "Duk-Pokee", which Donald can't help but text Daisy about whenever he's had a few.
check out the full menu here

best "grill" food:

Lenox Square Grill
3393 Peachtree Rd NE; Buckhead; 404.841.2375

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Breakfast starts at 7am and goes all damn day, including humungoid buttermilk biscuit sandwiches (turkey/egg/cheese, chicken breast & cheese...), four-egg omelets like the "Cajun" (shrimp, Andouille sausage, green peps, onion, & "N'Awlins" cream sauce), specials such as skillet hash & eggs w/ seasoned beef & potatoes, and pancakes like the peanut butter/banana "Elvis", spiritually akin to Lenox's "Whole Hog" sausage patties. If you've already eaten two breakfasts, step up to sammies like the "Pot Roast" on French bread, and smokey barbecued beef on a grilled egg bun, or get the footlong "Killer Dog", piled with fries, chili, mixed cheese & onions; they've also got skillets loaded with elbow pasta/cheddar sauce/toasted breadcrumbs, and additionals like beans & franks, cheeseburger (w/ mixed-in ground beef), or pizza (pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce), and entrees like "True Southern Catfish" (blackened, fried, or pan-seared), the six-hour roasted "Giant BBQ Beef Rib", and a the roasted-crisp, "American lager" whole "Beer Can Chicken", presumably killed via shotgunning.
check out the full menu here

best sushi bar:

ZEN On Ten
1000 Northside Dr, Ste 600; West Midtown; 404.879.0999

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Things get rolling with Thai apps like Ka-nom Jeebs (steamed chicken & shrimp dumplings), and Japanese starters like baked green mussels and Ahi Poki diced tuna marinated w/ olive oil and balsamic; sushi rolls include Red Dragon (fried Amaebi shrimp tempura topped w/ snow crab), Shrimp Extreme (over tempura & avocado), and the riceless, deep-fried salmon, snow crab, and asparagus-packed Hot Night Roll -- also the maneuver to pull when your midnight kinky blow torch session goes horribly wrong. For bigger bites, you can throw chicken, beef, or mixed seafood into entrees like Pad See-U (flat noodles w/ egg & broccoli), curries including Massaman w/ coconut milk, potatoes, avocado, green bean and cashews, and stir-fried fare like the green bean, red bell pepper, and tangy chili-sauced Pad Prik King -- also the name of the MTV Cribs episode starring Simon Cowell.
check out the full menu here

best burgers:

Fuze Burger
265 Ponce De Leon Ave; Midtown; 404.685.9988

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The chef's focus on distinctive ingredients and exotic aromas/flavors (curries, shallots, etc) comes from working in his family's NYC Chinese restaurant since age 16; never-frozen angus burgers include the Mexicana (w/ cheddar, guac, sour cream & jalapenos) and Kung Pow, heaped with red & green bell peps, onions, & spicy Asian sauce; non-angus burgers range from ground lamb (w/ ginger wine sauce, tomato tartare, dill) to turkey, wasabi-glazed Kobe, and pulled chicken, who's just glad he wasn't also choked. For imbibables, you can build your own mojitos, Caipiroskas, and spiked lemonades with standard or flavored vodka, rum, or alternate spirits (Veev, PAMA, Canton); mixologist Jazmine Ho has also created a list of libations repping major ATL streets, such as the grape-Kool-Aid-like "Edgewood Avenue" w/ 3 Olives Grape, orange liqueur, cran & fresh lime juice, and the "Buford Highway", with Herradura, Thatcher's Organic Elderberry, Chambord, sour, and Thai chili slices, which is "violently shaken", as was every Minnesotan's hand on Jesse Ventura's road to governor.
check out the full menu here

best pizza place:

Mulberry St. Pizza
4355 Cobb Pkwy; Vinings; 770.988.8646

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Things start off with toasted French Pesto Bread (w/ basil, mozzarella, garlic), and continue with ground beef, Canadian bacon, ham, pepperoni, and sausage-stuffed Strombolis, meat or spinach Lasagna, and hulking calzones; 11" hoagie roll subs include the hot-or-cold ham, salami, capicola, prosciuttini, mortadella, mozzarella, and provolone Italian Combo, and the Sausage Parm, with housemade marinara and Italian rope sausage, which you'll tell nearby women you're already packing, even though they'll assume you're knot. Stone-decked-oven-baked pizzas come in standard slices, dangerously thick Sicilian, or pies with 25 topping choices (top-grade Ezzo pepperoni, anchovies, artichokes, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes...); specialty pies include the Meat Lovers (pepperoni, beef, ham, Canadian bacon, sausage, meatballs), Greek (spinach, feta, black olive, banana pepper), or the red-pepper-flake, jalapeno, onion, and spicy sausage-topped Angry Pizza -- proving indeed that pizza and sex do have a lot in common.
check out the full menu here

best room service food:

Room Service Lounge
1937 Piedmont Cir; Midtown; 404.249.7RSL

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the cheeky "Check In" section starts with small bites like Jack Daniels-flavored wings, Angus, Turkey, or Ahi Sliders, and six crustaceans (three panko-fried and three poached) deemed the Shrimp Two-Way, or as your GF calls it, "sex with you". Mains include island fare like Coconut Chicken Curry in mild broth, and Jamaican-spiced Braised Oxtails over rice; for southern dining, there's the slow-cooked St. Louis BBQ Ribs, Chicken & Belgian Waffles topped w/ pecan sage butter, steaks like the Filet Mignon or 14oz Ribeye (each with two sides, e.g., Smoked Turkey Collard Greens, Cinnamon Sugar Baked Potato), or the Grilled Colorado Lamb Lollipops, which're definitely good, but not Pork-Up-Pop good. Temporary hydration comes in the form of bottled beer (Peroni, Red Stripe, Yuengling...), Champagnes from Pearly Bay to "Ace of Spades", and blindingly clever hotel-themed cocktails like the "French Maid" (Hennessey Black w/ lime & Chambord) and the Tres Generaciones/trip sec/passion fruit puree "Do Not Disturb" -- exactly what Musburger said to you at the bar, although you could see in his red-hot eyes that he didn't mean it. Oh no he didn't.
check out the full menu here

best bbq:

Eros Becomes Ixtlan Ultra Lounge
2160 Monroe Dr; Buckhead; 404.549.2433

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an all-new menu including "tapa-tizers" like Ixtlan Hot Fish (fried tilapia bites tossed in sweet chili sauce) and fire-grilled Filet Kabobs marinated in garlic, herbs, and the chef's signature tzatziki. Also worthy're char-grilled Sirloin and Turkey Burgers, Chopped Beef, Pulled Pork, and Chicken Breast BBQ Sandwiches, plus BBQ entrees like the Smoked Turkey Drumsticks and the 10oz Boston Pork Steak, aka the Rich Garces.
check out the full menu here

best soul food:

3473 Old Norcross Rd, Suite 100; Duluth; 678.578.4320

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The menu's unusually expansive for a club, with apps like the Shrimp Martini (herb-marinated, pan-seared jumbo Gulf shrimp w/ mango pineapple chutney), entrees like Southern Fried Chicken (w/ smoked turkey collard greens, Mama's Mac & Cheese, fries), and Pecan-Crusted Lamb Chops w/ mashed potatoes & sauteed Bourbon Au Jus-drizzled green beans; they've also got Asian fare, like sushi, fusion tempura dishes like deep-fried Chef Special Soy Sauce Marinated Squid Leg, and the fresh-avocado-wrapped Soft Shell Crab Dome, also available at finer Spring Break locations. Naturally, there's a full bar to get you ready for upcoming concerts including Cherrelle on August 16, Roy Ayers on the 23rd, and Carl Thomas on the 30th, who'll probably perform his hit single "Emotional", which only the macho macho-est of men are allowed to sing along with.
check out the full menu here

best carribean food:

G-Rock African Caribbean Restaurant & Bar
723 Sandtown Rd; Marietta; 770.627.2175

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They've brought over plenty of traditional Nigerian stews, from app-sized guys like Pepper Soup w/ ground chiles, chopped mint, ugazi leaves, & onion (availble in Assorted Meat, w/ beef, tripe, & crayfish; or Fish, w/ smoked tilapia), to full-bore entrees like the Efo Riro, w/ soko and tete leaves, pounded tomatoes, chiles, onions, crab claws, smoked stockfish, & shelled/washed escargot, served w/ porridges like yam, semolina, or cassava-root-based Garri that's been pounded, forcing him to shamefully change middle schools. Other main courses include rice dishes (w/ beef, chicken, or fish, served w/ fried plantain), Asaro (cubed yam pottage, stewed w/ crayfish), and fish plates like Whole Grilled Tilapia w/ hot pepper sauce; for the exceedingly brave, there're special dinners like Peppered Snail, Nkwobi (cow legs) cooked in spicy African herbs, or Isi-Ewu: a beef stock-mixed stew made of meat from a boiled goat's head chopped into small pieces -- the brains have been discarded, which your friends will also say about you when you order it.
check out the full menu here

best greek food:

Mykonos Taverna
2901 Clairmont Rd NE; Brookhaven; 404.638.6770

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Entrees include charcoal-grilled meats like Brizola Moscharisia (an aged ribeye basted w/ lemon, herbs, & mushroom caps); Aegean Sea Pasta w/ sauteed jumbo shrimp & scallops; traditional oven casseroles like Psiari Plaki (tilapia, onions, garlic, & plum tomatoes over wine-sauced rice); and seafood plates like pan-fried codfish w/ Skordalia -- an emulsified garlic puree with punchy taste, not a demand when you're desperate for a flower fix. Mykonos's got a full bar, w/ Sam Summer, 420, Blue Moon, & six other brews on tap right now, plus desserts like Baklava, Chocolate Mousse, and a baked custard pastry in paper-thin dough, also the box office take for the Poseidon Adventure, once.
check out the full menu here

happy eating bloggers!


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