Thursday, December 17

rodarte line.. LEAKED!

the rodarte collaboration with target was leaked today in the store a few minutes from my house, so naturally i was a bit frustrated that they didnt wait until sunday to debut it. i was only upset because i found out at about the last minute before the store closed and was afraid all the sizes would be gone! and of course, when i arrived, the entire line was picked through and there were only large and x-large sizes left. and as i sullenly took a large with me to the fitting room all the while promising myself that oversized clothing was in, i spotted my size on the fitting room rack! and upon finding one size, it seems i found them all.. so thats where they keep the rodarte (hiding in the BACK)- cheaters.. all those employees are hogging it for themselves haha. but i walked out with the black tulle dress and the mohair/sheepskin cropped jacket and couldnt be happier. although, i would have liked to try on the exoskeleton dress and a few of the other pieces (this target didn't have the full collection)
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everyone else- go check out the line sunday; i promise it wont disappoint!
good luck on hunting!


Taylor Sterling said...

amazing I want them all!!

Orphaned Apparel said...

Man! I ran in my local Target earlier today to check if Rodarte was out yet, and no luck. All this anticipation is making me nervous. Ha. Congrats on your haul!

confessions of a marc addict. said...

it got out early?! ahhh that better not happen where i live! i don't think anybody in my town knows what rodarte even means, let alone understands how monumental it is that they're collaborating with target. sooo, hopefully it won't be a problem! anyways, the things you got look great! lucky girllll.

Jenny said...

the cropped jacket looks so adorable! :)

Daniel Johansson said...

thnx <3
your blog is kind of fabulous to!

daisychain said...

ahh, it all looks so good.

M. and O. said...

New article on

It sleeting in France today, come to see that :) and see Olivia's photos (one of the two creator of daily-women) in her bedroom.


wrinkledrose said...

Ahh..the leopard dress is to kill for!
I secretly enjoy hunting(or digging thru) like you did; the pure satisfaction when you really do find one in yr size! haha


Megan Cassidy said...

OMG!!!! I cannot wait until I get my hands on the leopard one!! Soooo cute!! I have been checking my local target daily. I am going as soon as they open tomorrow :) Looks like you found some great stuff!

Papillon Vintage said...

I am LUSTING for the cream and black lace dresses! I have been hounding Targets, seeing if any have put the collection out early, but no such luck. Great blog, and thanks for the heads up on the collection! It looks to be a good one!

Skin & Clothes said...

I'm so jealous that your target has the collection. I have a funny feeling all of my targets are going to disappoint. The leopard one looks cute on you!

leflassh. said...

i love that black tulle dress so pretty!
good picks lady.
i wish australian target had this. but we don't :(

Ciao Bella said...

oooohhh i love that first dress.
i love your blog too(:

Amanda Lalique said...

cuteeeee I have heard it's so cute.. I gotta go check it out! I love leopard!!!

A and A said...

sooo good. lucky you to have the quick picks :)
Love your choices here... though I would never doubt it.


Lea's Suitcase said...

Gah! the furry Bolero was not at my Target...however, I did get a Black Lace Bikini...and it's December! yay for FL

Tørlich said...

Oh my god, I'm so envious. I love the black dress. I want one too!! :D


Pashupati said...

God, feel the jalousy. I wish there were some Target store in my city too.

The Fashion Cloud said...

Love that leo dress plus it looks great on you.

This outfit is featured in my latest post:

Hope you enjoy it.