Monday, December 14

candy, candy, CANDY!

im all about yummy food during the holidays and love sharing it with you guys.. so for the month of december, i guess (always)alanna has become and fashion AND food blog! i adapted/edited this recipe from the FoodNetwork this morning and couldn't be happier with the results. These candy ornaments are meant for decoration (but they are edible) and can be hung on trees, outside of gifts... They turned out absolutely gorgeous and i definitely recommend you try them as they take about 10 minutes per batch.

Assorted Jolly Ranchers
PAM Cooking Spray
Assorted Christmas Cookie Cutters
Parchment Paper

Arrange the cookie cutters on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Place Jolly Ranchers inside the cookie cutters. These jolly ranchers can be all the same color, or various colors for a more “stained glass” appearance. The amount of Jolly Ranchers you use is subjective to how large your cookie cutters are (see pictures below for a general idea). Spray the entire cookie sheet/cookie cutters/candy with cooking spray very generously. Place them in the oven at 350 degrees for 6 minutes. Once you take them out, let them cool for about two minutes. Then, with a knife, cut the excess candy from around the cutters that melted out from underneath the cookie cutters. Do this quickly so as not to let the candy harden. then pop the candy ornaments out of the cookie cutters. At this point they should still be flexible. With a knife cut ribbon holes at the top of each shape. There you have it, gorgeous, easy, and even edible candy ornaments! I even enjoyed attaching these outside of gifts and got rave reviews over their beautiful appearance.

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Oh wow, this is such a simple tip! Don't know why I've never even thought about this myself! (guess baking candies never got around to crossing my mind lol). Thanks so much for the post chica.


Monkey Boy said...

That's something I might actually try. I'm a lazy person, but I think I can manage buying candy and throwing it in the oven. Thanks for the tip!

ps. since I'm immature I'll probably end up making dirty shaped candy :( (don't visit my site)

all about the style said...

omg I love it :D haha

Nathalie said...

This looks really cool. I love to experiment when baking. I once did a coloured cake, but people were quite shy to try it :)

daisychain said...

omg awesome!
I'm so sad we don't have Jolly Ranchers over here anymore, they were my favourite :(

Anonymous said...

these are so cute!

B a la Moda said...

OMG! I never thought you could do something like this at home.They look tasty.

B* a la Moda

A and A said...

Never heard of anything like it... but now... now i do. My nieces and nephews are going to loooove me.
Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving some love!


Monkey Boy said...

i actually did something in my life and made these.

Sasha said...

You're right, I do like this : )
These candies/ornaments are beautiful.