Monday, December 7

shades of glamour

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(mossimo top, aa bandeau, h&m tights, michael kors boots)

this simple outfit must have taken me 47 tries to nail just perfectly. i was headed out to see where the wild things are, but it wasnt playing when i got to the cinema for some devastating reason (yes.. im crazy because i STILL havent seen it) so i ended up seeing 2012 instead.. which was not worth the ticket price these days. im way excited for where the wild things are and im dying to see it SOON.. especially after all of the amazing editorials and inspiration that have sprouted from the film adaption of the children's story.
and i know i promised a DIY, and it is indeed coming soon; it's just been very hectic with thanksgiving and everything..
and has anyone seen these blogs; because apparently i had missed the memo! : jason wu's blog and viva vena cava designer blog

besos & bisous

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Orphaned Apparel said...

I liked "Where the Wild Things Are," but was a lil bit disappointed honestly. Loved that Karen O soundtrack though. And I had zero expectations for "2012," and yet it somehow managed to be even worse than I thought it would be. Quite the feat. Ha. The same person who I dragged to "Wild Things" is the one who dragged me to "2012." She was bored out of her mind during "Wild Things," so maybe it was her revenge.

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your style, so gotta keep an eye on ya now. ;)

Kaz said...

you most certainly did nail that look! it's one of my favourites! :) i just invested in a high waisted black skirt. loveeeee <3
i wear it with everything hehe.
and i love your bag too! x

Anonymous said...


La petite mariah said...

I love oyur outfit!!

daisychain said...

I'm pretty obsessed with this outfit.

Fashion By He said...

love the outfit! you have amazing style!!

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Judit said...

love how you're dressed!
hugs :)

Lála said...

your outfits is fabulous!

Toyin Lola said...

i love your outfits and your blog.!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous as always darling
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing

check out my blog @

all about the style said...

Amazing outfit ! Love the skirt

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! You look as if YOU just walked off the pages of VOGUE, you are too CHIC and Fabulous from head to toe!:))

Style Bird said...

I LOVE this are perfect! Love the jewelry and bag too! xo ava

Anna Jane said...

Love the outfit, very elegant. That skirt works so well as a nice contrasting piece :)

- Anna Jane xxx

~kristie~ said...

loved how you put that outfit together!

hope you can stop by and follow my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the studded bag, Alanna!


Dirty Hair Halo said...

Ya, a color-blockish skirt would be hard to build an outfit around, you did a good job.


Ally Moschini said...

love it, im hanging out to see where the wild things are too..cant wait!!!

Vânia Pereira said...


visit my blog, please :d

Anonymous said...

finallllllyyyy an outfit I like on someones blogg haha. cute page:)

Graham I. Haynes said...

The skirt just *pops*.
A lovely ensemble.