Thursday, December 10

cozy fires; cookies; frank sinatra; and vogue

some food porn.. (butter cookies i baked this morning; recipe courtesy of southern living. and seriously, these cookies are like "melt-in-your-mouth i already ate ten even though its not even breakfast time" yummy)
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catching up on the magazines that have been slowly piling up on the kitchen counter..
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(zara shirt, topshop corset, diy necklace, michael kors pumps, xoxo jeans, rolex watch, 21 bracelets, 21 sweater)

just got my new shoes! and i am super excitedd! i found them in stores, but couldnt find my size and had them shipped. even though the expected delivery date wasnt until next week, they came early! and snuggling by the fire; i just love cold weather in december
and hopefully this afternooon im headed over to check out some things to add to my list for santa- wish me luck on finding the right things. i promise ill post soon to let you guys know what ive been keeping my eye pealed for- you wont be let down (because its all totally amazinggg!)
good luck on your lists too; and keep me posted. id love to hear what will be under the tree for you guys this year.. its not too late to quit being naughty ;)

.. and speaking of cozy. fur coats? i was looking for the perfect new one i hoped to find under the tree.. but after my mom saw me on the web, she asked me if i was collecting them which made me a bit concerned that my fur addiction had gone a little bit too far, but when i stumbled upon my brother trying on one of my coats, i couldnt help but wonder if maybe it runs in the family?

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i told him he had to let me catch a few snapshots modeling the furry number

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interesting fact? in 2003, the security guards at the Jean Paul Gaultier show covered PETA protestors with fox-fur blankets before dragging them off the runway.


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Where do I begin, the cookies are solely deliciously yummy and your soles are incredibly FABULOUS but WOW your brother is sooo GORGEOUS!:))

daisychain said...

oh man your shoesssssss.

Harbor District Vintage said...

hii! first off, those shoes are ORGASMIC. second, your brother in that coat reminds me in an odd way of mark wahlberg, of all people. and jean paul = love. i like your blog haha!!

Toothfairy said...

HOW can you walk on those heels girl!!!!! dang!!!
respect for that haha


kirstyb said...

great pics loving those shoes x

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Hate to break it to you, but your brother looks HOT in a fur coat. You can tell him I said that.

Thanks for you lovely comment, too.

kim J said...

you can never have too many furs but this coming from someone who only have one faux fur vest, so i'm looking for more :) love the heel on your shoes and cute sweater vest thingy!

Clothes Are Cute

Chloe said...

your shoes got me drooling! i love it.

Chloe said...

cute outfit and brother :) hehe hes hot. thanx for checking out my blog and leaving the nice comment.

.mck said...

those cookies look like marshmellowy goooodness.. mmmmmmmm.... yum.

also... very very cute MK shoes. i looove his shoes!

Dylana said...

Love your shoes!

Lovely blog!

Monkey Boy said...

I like ur pic with red eyes. It makes u look fierce. and ur shoes are banging too.

ps. I almost turned gay looking at ur brother's pics. I scrolled down just in time.

Jenna said...

Those cookies look yummy, I want!

Toyin Lola said...

I love those shoes! and your brother looks great in that sweater lol. Thank you for the super nice comment.

Graham I. Haynes said...

You baking cookies in pumps and reading fashion mags by the fire — it's all a very cute scene.

♥ from

Sher said...

Those shoes are FABulous!! Gosh, your bro is totally rocking your fur coat, he should really consider modelling:P

fadetoblack said...

those MK pumps are killa!


Anna Jane said...

OH MY GAWD at the shoes! I am so envious. Methinks I should start saving for a gorgeous designer pair!
I love your knitted waistcoat as well - adorable. And lol at your brother!

- Anna Jane xx

sian l-b said...

thank you for my cmt, now i see why you like my hat! ;) the cookies look so yummy- as do your new shoes!!

Anonymous said...

haha modeling that fur! and those cookies look like yummmmmm, would you mind sending the recipe?? :) xx

Blonde Chicette said...

thanks so much for the comment!
haha nice fur coat!


Nathalie said...

thanks so much for stopping by :)
Those cookies look soooo delicious. And thumbs up for the shoes :)

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit..great shoes and cookies!

Pia said...

yummy! and i too have so many magazines to catch up on!!

Judit said...

Love your shoes!
Hugs :)

bijoubijou said...

thanks for stopping by! those shoes are amazinngg!

Anonymous said...

those are hot shoes!



adorable bro ;)

Sasha said...

Haha, your brother is funny

The Fashion Cloud said...

Great blog just discovered it!

Love those shoes they are, well, simply perfect.


Anonymous said...

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